The Apartments Cala d'Or Playa have always been a family business where the details are taken care of to the maximum and for it we invest every year in the improvement of our facilities. Our commitment since our inception has always been to improve our complex always thinking about making your stay more comfortable. Some of our novelties have been: breakfast service and half board, self service laundry area (includes washing machine and dryer) available to our customers to make their stay even more comfortable, 54 apartments renovated and category Plus ... We are a fantastic Aparthotel 3 stars ideal for families!


The Aparthotel Cala d'Or Playa has the Travelife Certification which accredits our level of excellence in sustainability by carrying out a management committed to society and the environment.


The Aparthotel Cala d'Or Playa recognizes its responsibility to respect the environment and to try to reduce the operational impact of our property on the environment, as well as its commitment to the conservation of resources and the adoption of agreed environmental standards. Our environmental policy follows the following principles:

• Comply with all applicable environmental legislation and regulations.
• Evaluate our progress toward environmental objectives and goals annually.
• Train our personnel on the environmental commitments acquired.
• Minimize the consumption of water, energy and the production of waste to reduce negative impacts on the environment.
• Minimize pollution by reducing the use of chemicals and hazardous substances.
• Raise the environmental awareness of our employees, customers, suppliers and the local community, making them aware of our environmental policy and encouraging them to adopt it.


• Energy: reduce energy consumption by 1% with respect to the previous year.
• Water: reduce water consumption by 2% with respect to the previous year.
• Waste: reduce waste production by 2% with respect to the previous year.


The Aparthotel Cala d'Or Playa is committed to ensuring compliance with all current laws on health and safety, as well as to continuously improve working environment conditions. We are directly responsible for prevention, first aid and emergency planning and therefore assume the corresponding responsibilities. For all these reasons, the hotel has a health and hygiene management plan in relation to sanitary water, recreational water, food safety and occupational safety facilities.


The Aparthotel Cala d'Or Playa is fully committed to supporting and guaranteeing the rights of children, in particular the following:

• Education: all children have the right to an education that develops their personality, talents and abilities to the maximum.
• Health: all children have the right to health care, clean drinking water, nutritious food and an environment that guarantees them healthy growth.
• Childhood: Every child should have the care, protection, rest and play opportunities they need to ensure their free development during childhood.
• Impartiality: All children have equal rights, regardless of ethnicity, sex, beliefs, abilities or family background.
• Voice: All children have the right to express themselves in matters that affect them and to have their opinions taken into account in accordance with their age and maturity.
• No form of child abuse, including sexual exploitation, is permitted within the hotel boundaries. Our establishment is committed to training all staff in the knowledge of children's rights and how to report suspicions of abuse to local authorities. Our establishment, as a hotel primarily for family tourism, has as its top priority to ensure children's rights and well-being at all times.


The Aparthotel Cala d'Or Playa is committed to maintaining a close relationship with our local community, contributing to the preservation of environmental and cultural heritage and not to negatively influence the local environment. To this end, our company carries out the following actions:

• Buy food products from local businesses whenever possible.
• It contracts the services of local companies on a preferential basis.
• Maintains the green area at the back of the hotel by agreement with the City Council.
• It manages the sports court located in the immediate vicinity of the complex, to which not only the hotel guests but also the guests have access.


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